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Rubber tire dust makes up to 28% of the microplastics in oceans**
*Source: Tire Industry Project, **Source: National Geographic Sep 20th, 2019
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The Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) is an eco-friendly and better performing alternative for the extremely pollutive rubber tire. They are also more cost-efficient and safer.


Air Suspension Wheels (ASWs) can be designed to handle higher payload capacity than rubber tires. They have better traction and reduced skidding risk.

ASWs reduce the rolling resistance, saving fuel.

ASW are safest wheel in the mining industry: rubber tires are a safety hazard because they can explode or catch fire. ASWs cannot explode or overheat, making them safer for workers


Rubber tires are the polluter you have never thought of. Six million tonnes of rubber tire wear particles are released into the environment globally each year. According to National Geographic rubber tires account for as much as 28% of overall microplastic waste in the oceans.

ASWs do not produce rubber dust. They last as long as the vehicle itself and are 100% recyclable. Additionally ASWs help reduce CO2 and NOX emissions.

“The Air Suspension Wheel is easily the largest innovation in the off-the-road tire space since the introduction of the radial tire over 20 years ago”

Brownfield Engineering, Australia


AIR SUSPENSION WHEELS®: Designed to last as long as the vehicle

The ASW is a unique mechanical steel wheel which replaces a vehicle's rim and rubber tire. It is engineered to last as long as the vehicle.It combines an inner steel hub with an outer steel drum, which are connected by twelve nitrogen filled cylinders and six oil dampers, providing suspension.

The outer drum can be fitted with bolt on customized polyurethane or steel treads, which can be individually replaced without removing the wheel.

The ASW is engineered to replicate the tire size, load bearing capacity (or more if desired), and deflection. ASW’s overall weight is within the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.

Superior results under testing conditions

Successful pressure, strain & balance tests

Successfully tested in working conditions


Since 2016, the ASW underwent multiple rounds of field testing at mining sites of different mining companies in the South Africa, USA, and Chile and with progressively positive results.

The data obtained during these tests show better performance, improved safety, expected lower operating costs. The testing also brought the ASW to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7, a NASA-developed measurement of technology maturity. TRL 9 is a commercially ready product.
During the process of obtaining investment capital the ASW technology has been verified by various independent engineers.

The technology behind the ASW is well-protected. So far, 15 patents for the ASW have been granted and over 50 patents are pending globally.


The ASW can be used on all vehicles with a wheel including: wheelchairs, bicycles, cars, buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and Off-The-Road (OTR) mining vehicles.

Designed To Last As Long As The Vehicle

The Air Suspension Wheel changes an unreliable and unsafe consumable
into a predictable, safe, and eco-friendly capital asset.