The Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) is a steel wheel with built-in air suspension replacing tires


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Outboard debris shield with logos, specifications, warnings, and safety fluorescent strips or paint is standard on all ASWs.  Special strait-across or diagonal bolt-on treads, as well as rear wheel doubler mounting disk adapters are available to customer’s specifications.  Safety side-bolts may be ordered with fluorescent bolt head to glow in night without need to be recharged by sunlight.

Financing ASW purchase gives leverage, which increase revenues. The hourly renting of the ASW saves 50%-60% of tire-chain expenses and does not tie up capital. GACW operates in four continents. For the best deal, look for your local ASW distributor.

TYP. KINEMATIC MOVEMENTS: X = 7%OD,  Y = 2%OD,  Z = 7%OD,  Φ = 2°,  ϴ = 12°, Ψ = 1°

High heat resistant ASW example (side walls are removed for clarity):

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