“The Air Suspension Wheel is easily the largest innovation in the off-the-road tire space since the introduction of the radial tire over 20 years ago”

Brownfield Engineering, Australia

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Better than a rubber OTR tire in many aspects

✓ Stronger & safer than regular tires
✓ Provides cost savings up to 60%
✓ Green Tech - 100% recyclable

Disruptive Patented Technology with Attractive Margins

✓ Proven technology
✓ High interest from large mining companies
✓ No direct competitors
✓ Patent granted | Best-in-class patent lawyers
✓ Attractive profit margins
✓ Applicable to other verticals like defense, transport, and cars

We recently successfully concluded the 3rd round of field tests at a major gold mine in the US. Several Tier 1 global mining companies are showing a high level of interest.

Other applicable verticals for the ASW technology span industries like military vehicles, agriculture, transport, wheelchairs, bicycles, and automobiles. The technology has incredible and broad growth potential.


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Engineered To Last As Long As The Vehicle

The Air Suspension Wheel changes an unreliable and unsafe consumable
into a predictable, safe, and eco-friendly capital asset.

Invest with us through EQUITY CROWDFUNDING platform STARTENGINE

Help us transform the $30 billion off-the-road tire industry and ditch the extremely pollutive rubber tire.

Investments starting at USD 249.