The Air Suspension Wheel Technology

“A game changer for the mining industry and beyond”

Principal of Leading Tire OEM

Better than a rubber OTR tire in many aspects

✓ Stronger & safer than regular tires
✓ Provides cost savings up to 69%
✓ Green Tech - 100% recyclable

Investment Opportunity

Global Air Cylinder Wheels has raised $2.5 mm USD to date, and we are now seeking $2.4 mm USD in our Series B round.

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Investor Presentation

Disruptive Patented Technology with Attractive Margins

✓ Proven technology
✓ High interest from large mining companies
✓ No direct competitors
✓ Patent granted | Best-in-class patent lawyers
✓ Attractive profit margins
✓ Applicable to other verticals like defense, transport, and cars

We recently successfully concluded the 3rd round of field tests at a major gold mine in the US. Several Tier 1 global mining companies are showing a high level of interest.

Other applicable verticals for the ASW technology span industries like military vehicles, agriculture, transport, wheelchairs, bicycles, and automobiles. The technology has incredible and broad growth potential.

The company plans to list on a recognized stock exchange within the next 24 months to give liquidity to our shareholders.

Our Series B offering is a great opportunity to get exposure to the huge OTR market with a disruptive technology, plus the potential to expand into other industries with licensing and royalty agreements.

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