Wheel Selection

For air-suspension steel wheel (ASW) sales prices, FOB South West USA, inquire (go to the Contact Us tab). An ASW sells for the price of two-to-three wheels/tires it substitutes. New tires listed here, typically need to be replaced in every eight months. An ASW needs no more replacement. It lasts as long as the truck or loader as long as it maintained the same way as the vehicle itself. If an ASW served a truck for 10 years, it may serve another  one for another 10 years.

Standard ASW sizes: 51″-63″ rim, 109″-157″ OD tire (giant 9′-13′)
Custom ASW sizes: 33″-49″ rim, 72″-108″ OD tire (large 6′-9′)
Custom ASW sizes: 15″-25″ rim, 36″-69″ OD tire (small 3′-6′)

All 63”, 57”, 51”, 49”, 45”, 39”, 35”, 33”, 25”, 24, 21”, 20.5”, 20”, 16” and 15” OTR rims are served. Request instant quote on any OTR tire to be replaced by ASW.

When ordering, call out the bolt circle diameter (BC), the number of mounting bolts/lugs with their nominal diameter/tread  and the rim size, and the mounting board face offset (SB).  Adapters for large offset and rear wheel doubling are custom made as per request (inquire with shop drawing or sketch).

Check fender clearances. The ASW, when replacing inflated rubber tire wheels, reduces existing fender clearance by the tire deflection, which is typically less than 6% of the tire OD.  99% of the heavy equipment have ample fender clearances (vertical and horizontal), yet checking is advisable. If needed, inexpensive fender adjustment can be made. Many loaders have no fenders to check or adjust.

If the ASW replaces  solid rubber/urethane tire, the fender clearance is sufficient, otherwise the same size solid tire would not work. In case of insufficient fender clearance assessed, GACW can make the ASW  6% smaller in diameter, so it will fit, without touching the fender upon hitting a larger bump on the road at high speed (inquire).


The buyer is responsible for shipping and handling.

Giant wheels can be ordered in segments for field assembly.

Wheel segments ship in standard highway containers.

We assemble and disassemble for shipping in parts.

Customer reassemble the wheels by bolting the segments together.

Segmental shipping saves transportation cost and has tax advantages.

Chose and specify segmental shipping on the Purchase Order (PO).


Individually replaceable gripping bars (threads) comes in 3 options:

  1.  A 75-80 extruded hollow rubber channel with galvanized steel bar hold down
  2. Duro 80-85 Shoe A urethane with embedded steel channel insert
  3. A 588 Corten weathering steel with  weld-on hardened steel reinforcing scraper plate

Remember: The power train can see only about 1/3-rd of the ASW weight, which is sprung.


For smaller OTR heavy duty tires to replace on other vehicles and equipment in mining, underground mining, and other industries, please inquire.

Road gripping bars (treads) are individually replaceable (bolted on). You may resurface six wheels in 2-3 half-an-hour long pit stops, while the truck is refueling and the driver is on lunch brake. No truck downtime for the resurfacing (re-treading), which is needed in about 3 years apart. You may re-tread an ASW during the scheduled truck maintenance times 300 hours apart.

Buyer selects tread options based on need. Options:

Option 1 Tread:


Option 2 Tread:


Option 3 Tread::



Option 4 Tread:


Option 5 Tread:


Option 6 Tread :


Option 7 Tread:


Option 8 Tread:

Option 1 (default) is Duro 65-70 Shore A  Polyurethane bar bonded to steel plate bent in helix (diagonal). Great for earth-moving (lasting 36-48 months) and silent on hard pavement. Available in narrow stripe (shown) or wide stripe.

Option 2 is steel hat section bonded or bolted to Duro 70-75 or 80-85 Shore A hard polyurethane (PU) extrusion cover. Great in rocky sites and icy tar-sand.

Option 3 is A 75-80 durable urethane designed for earth hauling and hard gravel.

Option 4 is Duro 70-75 Shore A urethane extrusion. It saves concrete pavements.

Option 5 is Duro 70-75 or 80-85 Shore A hard urethane with stiff core. Great in underground.

Option 6 is light duty steel tread are made of A 588 Corten weathering steel or mild steel galvanized. Longer lasting when no need to cross paved roads.

Option 7 is heavy duty steel tread are made of A 588 Corten weathering steel or mild steel galvanized. Longer lasting when no need to cross paved roads, yet, this one flexes and saves pavement.

Option 8 is Pre-Molded Retread by Michelin and other major tire manufacturers,  available off-shelf, bonded to steel anchor plates and are supplied upon request as special order treads.  These are Duro 50-55 Shore A natural rubber plates with articulations, which last as long as rubber tires, but cost much less. Used on smaller wheels. It allows for customer on-site retreading. No heat problems. The steel is very effective in sweeping away the heat. It can be bonded to the chord in a single continuous piece or in 3-6 segments onto rolled steel plates anchored to the cord to be bolted on.

For tread options shown on the landing page and elsewhere, not shown here,  please inquire.

All tread options perform similarly, exceeding any tire performances. The PU has fire retardant and abrasive additives. No need to monitor air pressure, temperature and inventory or supply. The elasticity,  compliance, damping and cushioning of the wheels with any options are about the same, similar to that of the rubber tire.

Unloaded and loaded section view and sidewalls removed see through side view :

Trucks, loaders and other equipment can use more than one size rubber tires on more than one size rims. The ASW design offers a single size steel tire and rim, adaptable by using an adapter ring. To order that from GACW, please send drawing of the hub mounting board, which is currently used. A garbage truck and mover wheel example is given here:



On-road -off-road truck ASW 161625. Replaces the 16.00R25 rugged tire. 100 km/h max. 74 dB noise. It saves about $ 1,670/yr fuel and reduces CO2 emission by 3.2 tons/yr. 9,900 lbs load rating. Tread last 24,000 hrs  off-road. Painted steel or anodized aluminum construction. Saves on tire expenses 84%. Amortize it in 10 years. Also available with retread belt sold by Michelin and other tire manufacturers. Treads are epoxy bonded. Customer can retread or order retreading. Bolt-on steel or aluminum backed tread panels are optional.

The cylinders, sealants and the mounting board are removed for clarity of section views. Unloaded and loaded section views are shown for comparison: