Some sample videos on live testing are presented here.

The ASWs were manufactured by NuTeck Wheels and Tyson Wheel Technologies and tested by Fraser Alexander mining company in South Africa in 2014 and 2015. The Air cylinders were supplied by Parker, via CT Hydraulics, Driehoerk, Germiston, SA .

On this CAT 980H loader, we left the state-of-art front wheels and removed the hub cover plate from the ASWs to be able to observe hub-to-rim movements at work. Later, hermetic seal was added and the outboard cover was eliminated.

When the gripping bars were shallow and dense, mud could cover the wheel and the chained wheel gripped stronger (2nd video). When the gripping bars were deep and sparse, the mud was shading and the ASWs pulled stronger (3rd video).

The steel tire was gentle on the hard road surface (1st video).

In 2017 August 3, GACW retested the same ASWs rebuilt for customer request on live demo.

We have cut out the outboard, so you can see the hub moving around.

Observe that the hub displaces in the direction of the force applied.

In particular, down under payload and backward upon pushing the load.

Upon towing/driving the wheel, the axle moves ahead of its support.

The hub leads the contact-line. The eccentric axel load assist the driving.

That is called negative rolling resistance (RR) or rolling assistance (RA).

It is a source of fuel savings. There are two more sources explained here.


Testing in machine: