Introducing the innovative lifetime high performance steel Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) for the 100-400 tons surface mining trucks and their wheel loaders to slash tire cost by 80-90%, when tire is expensive and 70-75% when tire is cheap, and to last up to 20 years of equipment lifetime with bolt-on heavy duty 2-6 yrs lasting treads , converting operations expense to capital investment via amortization, loan, rental or leasing, 

and when savings are invested  in new equipment, boosting production by 100% when tire is cheap and by 300% when tire is expensive, and allowing to field assembly of larger than 10′ diameter wheels shipped as sub-assemblies on flatbed or in container.

Made in the USA (see our reputable manufacturers listed under the About Us tab) for Canadian customers, Made or Assembled in Canada

 Replace giant inflated rubber tires with steel air suspension  wheels and never buy more tires! Save for more trucks and save the environment! That is smart mining! 


At $ 85,000 giant rubber tire price, the current US active haul-truck plus matching wheel-loader inventory of 80,400 giant tires represents a $ 6.63 billion hazardous waste to be paid for by the US mining companies in every year. Instead, at $ 3.25  million giant truck price, the US mines could buy and operate 365 more giant trucks annually, one for every day in a year, year-after-year, including holidays. Think about it, but not head in the sand.



Our slogan:

“Win-Win When the Iron Meets the Road”


The OTR all steel ASW is constructed and maintained as the Heavy Equipment (HE) part itself to last as long as the HE lasts (10-20 years) with new treads in every 2-4 years (3 yrs avg depending on use).


Standard ASW sizes: 51″-63″ rim, 109″-157″ OD tire (giant 9′-13′)
Custom ASW sizes: 33″-49″ rim, 72″-108″ OD tire (large 6′-9′)
Special ASW sizes: 15″-25″ rim, 36″-69″ OD tire (small 3′-6′)

All 63”, 57”, 51”, 49”, 45”, 39”, 35”, 33”, 25”, 24, 21”, 20.5”, 20”, 16” and 15” OTR rims are served. Request instant quote on any OTR tire to be replaced by ASW.


  • Buy it direct from GACW for 50-70% down and the balance upon delivery (1-3 months depending on quantity, size and country), or
  • Finance it by equipment loan for 10% down and 4-6% interest for 7-10 years (use our affiliate bank of BBVA Compass or others), USA only, or
  • Lease it (for our affiliates list, terms  and conditions,  residual value after 10 years, GACW buy back and refurbish program, inquire), or
  • Rent it (for our list of affiliates, prices and terms  and conditions, inquire).

Buyer is responsible for ASW maintenance, taxes and shipping. Get quotes on shipping from GACW affiliates. GACW affiliate factories are in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Saskatchewan  and Ontario.

The ASWs are offered with full money back guarantee on performance and standard manufacturing warranties on materials and workmanship, as any equipment parts or sub-assemblies.

The ASW is delivered with its first set of treads at no extra charge and with 5% spare treads crated. Buyer is advised to order more treads  in 60 days advance. New treads may be needed in every 2-6 years, depending on use and abuse. Threads cost 10-15% of ASW price, depending on materials and style. The ASW (steel tire with rim) price is set 2-4x the price of the hard duty rubber tire (without rim) it replaces. Size matches the tire to be replaced.


Road gripping bars (treads) are individually replaceable (bolted on). You may resurface six wheels in 2-3 half-an-hour long pit stops, while the truck is refueling and the driver is on lunch brake. No truck downtime for the resurfacing (re-treading), which is needed in about 3 years apart. You may re-tread an ASW during the scheduled truck maintenance times 300 hours apart.

Duro 65-70 Shore A medium-hard earth moving and hard pavement saver diagonal tread.


Duro 80-85 Shore A hard rubber extrusion, with fire extinguishing or retardant and abrasive grit additives, covering stiffened hat section steel reinforcing (default tread). All-terrain, all-pavement, all-road tread used on high flotation mud and snow (M&S), tropic and arctic (T&A), rock and sand (R&S), off-the-road (OTR) air suspension wheels (ASWs):

D65 (corresponds to A 105 approx.) urethane plates epoxy bonded to galvanized steel for the most demanding use with strong gripping an mud through flow design. Extremely long lasting. Urethane plates can be rejuvenated multiple times before fully consumed:

A 588 weathering Corten  steel (galvanized tread is optional). Also available in closed hat section or built-up. Earth moving tread:

Duro A 75-80 or 70-75 hard extruded or cast polyurethane with hollow core galvanized steel insert. Extruded or cast and machined as selected.  Abrasive and/or fire extinguisher grits added upon request. Special purpose treads:

Pre-Molded Retreads by Michelin and other major tire manufacturers,  available off-shelf, bonded to steel anchor plates and are supplied upon request.  These are Duro 50-55 Shore A natural rubber plates with articulations, which last as long as rubber tires, but cost much less.


GACW is exclusively licensed to make, sell, have it made and have it sold steel Air Suspension Wheels (ASWs) in Canada, USA and Mexico and to sell sub-licenses of the same for mining vehicles and equipment in the same territories. GAWC represents the IP owner for licensing in the rest of the territories of the world for all wheels and applications. Currently, ASWs are custom made in the USA (predominantly 51″, 57″ and 63″ rim sizes) or imported from South Africa (predominantly 33″, 39″ 45″ and 49″ rim sizes) or from Canada (predominantly 15″, 16″, 20″, 20.5″, 21″, 24″, 25″, 35″ rim sizes).

CAT 980H Loader ASW Lagre Image


A CAT 797F 400 tons giant mining truck costs $ 5,000,000 in 2009. It needs six 59/80R63 inflated rubber tires about every 8 months. The tire price of this size (5.4 tons, 4000 mm OD) was $ 42,000-50,000 in 2006. Shortly, during the tire shortage years of 2007-2009, the price was $ 90,000-110,000. Tire prices on the rise, though in some localities,  where they still store “crisis price” tires (Chile and Columbia, for instance), this price is reduced  to $ 50,000. (See the expensive and cheap rubber tire calculations below.)

If you would pile up in a dense array the 180 rubber tires this giant truck consumes during its 20 years lifetime, it would exactly fill the volume of 3 of these giant trucks. Regulations require onsite tire disposal. The tires do not decompose at least within 100 years.

That is unsustainable. The steel air suspension  tire (ASW) offers solution to this problem. It can be recycled as the entire truck itself. It is part of the vehicle. Built and maintained as that. Before its introduction, the mines had to manage the tire cost, inventory, retreading and disposal problems. The ASW alleviate all that problems at great savings, which allows to buy 2-3 more such giant trucks with ASWs. That would boost production capacity three folds. Overall, it can reduce the cost of surface mining by 5% approx.

An ASW costs as low as 2x the major manufacturers’ list price of two rubber tires with  rim. Thus, the investment is the cost of the next tire change, due in about eight moths, The ROI is then 100% in the first year when tire is expensive and in the second or third, when it is cheap. Due to notorious tire shortages, that next time tire set of six, typically need to be purchased beforehand and the tires, need to be warehoused onsite. Considering that, replacing the giant rubber tire with ASW is not even hard cash investment, but advanced operational cost or just common sense and environmental responsibility. It is expected to be a welcome game changer in mining. Since steel is not aging, ASWs with steels treads has over 20 years shelf life, though steel in need a few retreading with steel treads. That allows to procure ASWs years ahead of new mine openings.


Our primary market is replacing  giant wheels of mining trucks and their wheel loaders with with lifetime air suspension steel wheels. The larger the wheel, the greater is the savings. Yet, GACW makes OTR ASWs of 3′-13’OD sizes serving ant and all heavy equipment.

Only GACW can deliver ASWs  in segments for future 500-600 tons trucks. 12′-20′ OD wheels are on the drawing board. Segmented ASWs ship disassembled in  standard highway containers or on tarp covered flatbed for field assembly. Canada grants tax brake for most imported “Assembled in Canada” products. The segmented ASW qualifies for such preferential treatment. GACW ships ASWs to all CanaMex transit states, including AriSon (Arizona-Sonora). For other global territories, please inquire.


The steel Air Suspension Wheels (ASWs) complies with all federal and local regulations.

Current Partners in Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Supply Chain and Sales:


The ASW converts operating expense to revenue generating asset. See the best and worst case examples below:

Case 1: The expensive rubber tire case (using 2007-2009 tire shortage prices)


“Shareholders and Owners should insist that the Mining Executives give ROI Maximization a higher priority than Cost Reduction and insist that Procurement interact with Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Safety to achieve that goal.”Kay Sever, worldwide respected mining industry expert, Arizona, USA

Case 2: The cheap rubber tire case (using 2009 tire  prices slashed by 50%, the best buy in 2016 and assuming 28% longer tire life achieved trough tire temperature and pressure control and contingency management ):

  • Any new technology, capable to convert waste to production, is like gold.
  • It is valuable in good and bad economic times via more investments or savings.
  • The steel Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) is an exemplary waste-to-production golden technology.


  • Increases Safety by eliminating tire blowouts, truck overturning while cornering, stranding in mud, digging in sand, or skidding on snow, and thereby—potentially—saving lives;
  • Reduces Complexity by eliminating tire management and tire pressure and temperature monitoring,
  • Simplifies Operations by eliminating tire retreading and replacements, scheduled and nonscheduled;
  • Deliberates Premises-use related to tire receiving, warehousing, handling and disposal;
  • Saves 70-90% Expenses on ore and top soil or rock hauling by replacing expensive and frequently needed tire-consumable with inexpensive and seldom needed tread-consumable, saves on power-train-load/ware, and potentially saves fuel;
  • Reduces Downtimes by replacing vulnerable short-life rubber-tire with rugged long-life steel-tire;
  • Saves the Environment by eliminating tire-disposal associated fire hazard, tire-taxes and bad press;
  • Facilitates Compliance with environmental and safety regulations (100% recyclable);
  • Increases Profit by reducing cost and offering incentives to invest the savings on tire expenses into buying and operating more haul trucks with matching wheel loaders.

For 400 tons trucks: 90% savings with $ 110,000 tire price (Case 1) and 83% savings with $ 55,000 tire price (Case 2).


For 250 tons trucks: 94% savings with $ 75,00 tire price (Case 1) and 90% savings with $ 38,000 tire price (Case 2).



“I give you the information I would want if our roles were reversed.” Porter Stansberry, the savvy global investor

Zoltan Kemeny, PhD, President of GACW, Inventor of the ASW, former Professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Arch., Struct. Dynamics Eng.

The savvy miner’s rules of engagement:

  1. Don’t waste your talent to do a computer’s job!
  2. Don’t waste your energy to do a machine’s job!
  3. Don’t waste rubber to do the iron’s job!

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