This page is for the environmentally conscious customers.

Anti Tar Sands PowerPoint – Excerpt

After it served its 20+ years lifetime, the ASW is 100% recyclable to make new steel wheels.

Environmental Considerations

Fleet managers of giant trucks and loaders must watch the bottom line of economy and comply with environmental regulations. That is often a balancing act. It is proven on other pages that the lifetime ownership of the steel air suspension wheels (ASWs) pays off handsomely, up to saving on tire expenses as much, that allows buying 3-4 more giant trucks or loaders. Yet, that shall not be the only consideration.

The ASW is made of steel and recyclable as such. The inflated rubber tires are enormous pollutants to be avoided even if today the EPA does not insist upon giant-rubber-tire substitution with steel tires with built in air suspension mechanism.