An ASW is shown with weathering steel treads. On the left, the sidewalls are removed to illustrate how it works. On the right, it is shown in cutaway section with sidewalls on:


The ASW is laterally rigid. That ensures extreme lateral stability and cornering capability. Its axial and circumferential stiffness an deflection capacity meets or exceeds that of the inflated rubber tire it replaces.

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Soft and hard setting considerations:

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Coreten weathering steel treads:



The steel tire deflects under load at least as much the rubber tire does and the treads deform at least as much as the rubber treads deform. Thus the steel tire ensures the same or better riding quality as the rubber tire. For improved performance and comfort however, the steel tire is configured to have larger deflection and deformation capability.


Our individually replaceable bolt-on steel reinforced tread blocks (gripper bars) are made of hard rubber to last for 3-5 years under harsh conditions in heavy work load:

TYP. KINEMATIC MOVEMENTS: X = 7%OD,  Y = 2%OD,  Z = 7%OD,  Φ = 2°,  ϴ = 12°, Ψ = 1°