GACW establishes and supports a non-profit entity:

Air Suspension Wheel Foundation (ASWF)


Nonprofit Corporation, directed by Peter Kemeny, President of ASWF

Subsidiary of

Global Air Cylinder Wheels (GACW)

GlobalAirCylinderWheels.Com the

For-profit Corporation, directed by Dr. Zoltan Kemeny, President of GACW

“Wheeling Engineering with Science”

In general, ASWF is established to foster knowledge gain, information dissemination, education and advancement of engineering science related to air suspension wheel (ASW) design, production, and maintenance and testing.

More specifically, ASWF supports engineering students of the field with education grants and specialized knowledge, organize competitions for such students who advance the science and technology by innovation, establishes special engineering education under the supervision and support of engineering schools and scientific institutions, and subscribe such students to supportive engineering societies and support their travel to related events.

The registrations is pending in Arizona (June 2016).

GACW pledges to support annually both ASWF combined by 5% of its net sales as grant or matching funds. ASWF is expected to attract grants from private entities and government organizations.

ASWF will use the modern business technology of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and collects funds using Ethereum (ETH), Smart Contracts and Distributed  Applications.

ASWF will also use conventional fund raising and distribution business technology and tools.

As separate entity, both the ASWF is operated independently form GACW.